Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday in Holy Week 2013

I think I love my birth date, 28 March, because it usually falls on Holy Week. I did not observe Holy Week until I was studying in TTC. Here, during Holy Week we would have chapel services from Monday to Thursday and we are encouraged to meditate more.
And the past three days (Monday until Wednesday) have been awesome. I feel blessed by the songs we sang in chapel and the sermon preached. I would take note on the sermon, went back to my room, copy my note to computer and take time to reflect. It's deep and profound. The preacher talked about the "Tears of Peter" when Peter disowned Jesus for three times and how it can happen to us who are VERY COMMITTED Christians, but... in the end there is always an opportunity for reconciliation. On Tuesday he preached about the "Anatomy of Bertrayal" of Judas and how Judas' initial enchantment of Jesus as Messiah turned to be gradual disappointment when Judas saw Jesus not being the "liberationist" as he expected. And we all know that Judas' ending was a sad ending. On Wednesday, in a sermon titled "A Thief in Paradise" he preached about the request of the thief, who was crucified next to Jesus.

Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom."
(Luke 23:42)

And today is quite special because it is Maundy Thursday. In Maundy Thursday we usually have foot-washing ceremony and stripping of the altar. Foot-washing ceremony reminds us of Jesus who washed His disciples' feet. Imagine, a teacher who washed his students' feet. What a profound symbol of humility, servanthood, sacrifice, and love! And stripping of the altar symbolizes Jesus that was stripped of his dignity at his crucifixion. Those ceremonies are meaningful and they never fail to touch my heart.

Another thing, today we have Holy Communion. And during Holy Communion the ordained minister, who is also one of my lecturer, after he handed me the wafer he laid his hands on my head and said, "... and blessing on your birthday". Wow, I really did not expect that! I knew that he realised today is my birthday, but I just did not expect that. Very touching. A special blessing by an ordained pastor on my birthday!

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