Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wew... missing my blog so much...

In the past 3 Sundays I've been attending parenting workshop.
What was I doing in a parenting workshop? Yah... prepare to be parents lah... One day I will become one what? :p *aiyoo... the Singlish...*
The workshop is about parenting to the youth. It was AMAZING. I get to know lots of things about youth and how to empower them. Btw, I'm in training to be a Youth Mentor now. Really thankful for GOD that He provides me this opportunity. It's a prayer answered. I've always passionate about Youth Ministry. Since I started my ministry 9 years ago, it has always been related to teenage or youth. Why? Coz it's a dynamic ministry and coz I long to see them live their life fully since they were young.

Work life? Still passionate on teaching. Imparting knowledge and inspiring people. That is one thing that strengthen me... in the midst of 'storm' in the office...
Oh LORD, help me, especially with this 'mission impossible' that they gave me starting tomorrow >.<>

Quite sad coz tomorrow two people that is close to me will be leaving Singapore...
LORD, I leave them into YOUR hands... I believe you will take care of them, bless them, guide them, strengthen them, enlight them, and use them for YOUR glory alone.

Hoping that the weeks ahead will be less busy...
Desperately need a Rest & Relax time... When ah?
Arrrgghh... must sleep more...
*eating more is not a problem :p* and must have time to take care of yourself!

Feeling that 24 hours is not enough. Always have too much books to read, things to do, experiences to reflect about, people to talk to, needs to meet...
Ok, Ita! Stop right there! Don't get trapped by your feeling! You just need to manage your time better. Ask GOD for wisdom.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The message today was so simple yet profound:

Thanks, LORD. Me trying hard to apply.
In the midst of uncertainty and difficulty,
let me focus on YOU. No distraction.

I... will never be forsaken.
And YOU... YOU provides.
May YOUR promises be rooted in my HEART and in my MIND, so I could stand firm in this storm of life.
I believe that honey will come out of the rock (Psalm 81: 16).
Sweetness will come out of hardness in life.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Lesson 1:
Teenage/youths need acceptance. Accept them of who they are as a person, not because of what they do or how they perform.

Lesson 2:
Just be there for them... Be there.

Lesson 3:
"In tough times, home is the safest place to be."
The question is: What is 'home' according to them?
Home is a safe place. Free from judgment, intimidation, threats and distrust.
Can we provide it? Can parents?

Saturday, August 1, 2009


In a boot camp I attended today, all of us was asked to write down about who is our favourite superhero or hero is, and everything we wanted to tell the group about him/her. Mine was like this:

A hero for me is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things. A person who knows himself well, his strengths & weaknesses. A person who fully accepts the things he could not change and always do the best to improve the things he could change. Feel contented of life, and out of this contentment he begins to see others, what other people's needs are, and use all he has to help others. Some gestures he does, for some people seems ordinary, but for the people he helps it is extraordinary.
And he is my Dad.

PS: We were asked to write with our non-master hand (meaning that I wrote with my left hand) because it is believed that writing with non-master hand opened the gate to the unconscious mind and as a result we would write something different compared if we write with our master hand. And it also explain why it was so short :p