Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Journal Entry on Friday, 27 Aug 2010

Just wanna share with you a bit of my walk with God at the end of last month (through sharing my journal entry). But in able to make sense of what happened, I would give a brief description on the setting *Just like it is more helpful to understand the Bible when we know the context :)*

That Friday, I have deadline of an assignment. I finished it at 5am in the morning. *I know it's a bad habit to do things in last minute, but I do have a reason for it*
That Friday, TTC Cultural Night was held in the afternoon. Indonesians performed "Yamko Rambe Yamko" (from Papua). Of course, it needed preparations (we must memorise song & dancing moves, prepare costumes, etc)
On the next day (Saturday), me and 4 other friends went to Cambodia for an 11-days mission observation trip. And, of course, we also must prepare for the trip (background research, met people who has experiences in Cambodia, work on the trip schedule, correspondences with some people in Cambodia, ministry preparation, packing, etc)
I must say that it was so hectic.

And here is my journal entry on Friday, 27 August 2010, written in the morning before breakfast, when I truly need to pour out everything to God:

"Dear LORD, what a week it has been! Short and irregular sleeping times... assignment deadline... preparation for Cultural Night and trip to Cambodia. It's crazy!!!
But I'm grateful I'm not alone. There's You... and there's a classmate who had the same struggle and have been praying for me. Hehe.. :p

What I learnt from this?
Your peace...
In times where I was most hectic, Your Spirit always reminded me that it is utmost important to find time to be still. Or I would surely go out of my mind, or probably fall sick.
Thanks for 'honey time', a 15-30 minutes everyday to drink honey while enjoying the greeneries from my bedroom or the cluster lounge. It was so refreshing to see those trees as well as hear the breeze and birds' chirping.
Thanks for the 1-2 hours 'nap time' every afternoon. You know how important a nap for me because I only got 2-3 hours sleep at night for the past few days. *Ability to sleep is a blessing*

To have faith...
Somehow I believe that everything will be fine and that I will finish all in time.
Yup, there was time that I doubted, and I did prepare for the worst, but I'm doing well now and doesn't need to go on the the worst-case-scenario.

So.. thank You:
-for keeping my health despite hectic schedule and lack of sleep
-for the honey and vitamin C that mom prepared for me :)
-for the wonderful times with fellow Indonesians in preparing for the Cultural Night. It's been fun!
-for Cambodia-tripmates, that we were encouraging each other
-for Your true peace :) "

Yes, GOD is GOOD, ALL the TIME ;)