Saturday, April 14, 2012


Berjalan di jalan Salib Mu, Ku akan ikut Dia
DarahMu tercurah bagiku, Ku tetap ikut slamanya
Rintangan bukit luas samudera, ku ikut Engkau selamanya
Tuk jiwa yang mau dis’lamatkan, Ku persembahkan hidupku

O Bapa utuslah daku, Ku mau serta jalanMu
Ku’kan memberikan hidupku, Tuhan utus aku

Meskipun dunia membenciku, ku tetap mengasihi
‘Tuk jiwa-jiwa yang tersesat, ku rela jalani

Meski ku korbankan jiwaku, KasihMu tuk s’lamanya
Terimalah aku yang hina, demi kasih padaMu


To walk in Your path of cross, I will follow Him
Your blood was poured for me, I will follow forever
Though challenges ahead, I will follow you forever
For lost souls to be saved, I offer my life
O, Father, send me, I want to walk with You
I will give my life for you, Lord, send me
Though the world hates me, I still love
For lost souls, I’m willing to go through
Though I sacrifice my soul, Your love is forever
Accept me the despised, I love You

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our God is in Control

I would like to share a song. I heard this song from TTC Chapel yesterday. This song really minister to me as part of my life is somehow out of control right now. I'm having problems with my plan for internship this May-June. I'm stuck in between three parties. Things get complicated and I'm so afraid that I will disappoint people. When I heard this song, I was comforted. I'm reminded by the truth: God is in control.

After chapel we also had our class group. We were divided into pairs and we prayed for each other. I paired with one of my best friend. I told her everything. When she prayed for me, I was also strengthened. 

I'm grateful to God, I thank God for my senior who preached and introduced me to this song, and for my best friend who prayed for me. 

This internship issue is not settled yet, but I am relieved and surrender everything to Him. Whatever decision made for me, I will accept. I might not understand now, but I believe someday I will... because God is in control... of me... of my life.

Anyway... what I'm going through now is nothing compared to the story behind this song. My senior who preached yesterday shared the story. You are, of course, welcomed to donate through the organization. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Songs in This Holy Week

Were You There?

No Greater Love