Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Little Update After So Long...

Wow... it's been one month since I last updated my blog! Lazy me :p

How's life now?

Mmm... if you read my previous post regarding my trip to Beijing, you would get a sense that I enjoyed it very much. Well... yes. And now, I am constantly missing Beijing. Moreover, 2 days ago I watched Karate Kid, and it has successfully made me missing the city more. I have been thinking to go there for 1.5 months during my school holiday to learn Mandarin. Or.. even to go there for a year! But I'm still not sure about everything. I can say that right now my life is not about what I want anymore. I totally need to pray about it. Is it my selfish will? Or is it part of His plan to shape me? It's funny that I have changed. I'm embracing the Chinese part of me more and willing to develop it. Hope my school life helps, because my school has Chinese program. Let's see...

And.. talking about school! Yeah! I am totally back to school again! And this time I will be living at the dorm! Wow... it's a totally new experience for me.
Seeing the same people every day... and night...
Cannot buy whatever food I want, all arranged by the school... I sometimes wonder what kind of food I will taste there... Will I ever taste my favourite Indonesian, Indian, Myanmar, Japanese food? :p
What kind of classmates and lecturers will I meet?
Will I be able to cope with writing paper in English? >.<
How many books will I need to read? Will I understand the English they use in the textbook?
No income... so I will really really need to stop the urge to spend money on books and movies :'(
Will I change? In what ways?

Well... no point in thinking about it and then getting worried. It would be better for me to stop imagining about things and wait for it patiently and in trust that God will help me in times when I feel so weak.
TTC, here I come! :D